February 9, 2016

Trade Publications



Digital Output magazine
With a monthly circulation over 22,500, Digital Output magazine provides news and information for the high-growth digital graphics and printing industry. In its 19th year of publication, the magazine continues to be an authority in the industry, educating subscribers, and reinforcing manufacturer brand awareness. Digital Output helps bridge the information gap between printers, designers, and imagers with its unique, application-driven approach. Free subscription, digital editions, and Buyers Guide available online at www.digitaloutput.net.

DPS magazine
Digital Publishing Solutions (DPS) magazine is a business publication that spotlights publishing solutions created by the digital revolution. It is edited for management in corporate enterprise and graphic arts markets. DPS provides editorial topics including; digital printing, content/asset management, customer retention management, variable data printing, one to one marketing, e-billing, workflow, and Web publishing. Its journalists provide vertical market case studies illustrating successful implementations of the latest hardware and software technologies. Free subscription, digital editions, and Buyers Guide available online at www.dpsmagazine.com.

Industrial Print magazine
Industrial Print magazine provides a practical guide for manufacturers embracing advancements in printing. Industrial markets are experiencing disruptive technology changes. Industrial Print magazine provides unbiased editorial offering feature stories, product reviews, and application stories in nine broad areas—3D, bio-medical, ceramics, electronics, flooring, glass, laminates, packaging, and textiles. Free subscription, digital editions, and Buyers Guide available online at industrialprintmagazine.com.

Software Magazine
Software Magazine provides a practical guide to the software needed to run organizations from medium to enterprise, both for the IT buyer and purchase influencer, and the software and service suppliers who serve them. It targets the highest levels of IT management in medium to large enterprises, and the executive, product management, and development ranks of the suppliers. Through feature coverage, monthly columns, Target Charts, and the annual Software 500, it provides a field guide to the software and services industry for buyers and sellers. Free subscriptions, digital editions, and Buyers Guide available online a www.softwaremag.com.